my other blog’s dash is full of porn

makes me wanna have fake boobs



the maine shirt = fave cold weather outfit ‘cause it’s too big for me lol

woke up too early cause i slept too early wtf


dreamt of rian dawson last night wtf

so i was at my grandma’s house and looking out the terrace, i saw a man wearing a Jack Barakat mask then i shouted “jack is a dick!!” the man looked at me and took off the mask and it was rian dawson like wtf and i was freaking out and shouting and shit and rian took off the mask and threw it at me

i can’t believe i said “jack is a dick!!” okay wtf dsafljasbndl;nfke

okay i should eat dinner now guys lol bye

7.) I try not to listen to that song ‘cause I always remember you. And it’s really unfair because I know for sure that you don’t think of me as much as I think of you.

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omg sister

why are you watching that fucking show omg

omg i kanat

pbb whyy go awey

sakl;dfn like srsly hwywhyyyy


Sorry for the poorly edited picture. The bg is messy so…. yeah =)))))
i am shameless
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